Freezer Storage

Freezer storage in Melbourne

At Laverton Cold Storage, the flexibility provided by our temperature-controlled warehouse gives us the ability to provide premium freezer storage services in Melbourne. With a 20,000-pallet space at Truganina, we can offer adjustable freezer storage space for a variety of goods.

Our Melbourne freezer storage is capable of achieving sustained temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and lower. We also monitor temperatures around the clock to ensure our clients’ products maintain optimal condition. Laverton Cold Storage’s fully racked freezer storage facilities are ideal for meat, dairy products, fish and domestic and imported temperature-sensitive food products.

cold storage in MelbourneLaverton Cold Storage’s Melbourne freezer storage facilities are ideally located to service the needs of importers and exporters, with our Truganina site easily accessible to and from the Port of Melbourne. Our convenient cold storage warehouse location make us a savvy choice for storing temperature-sensitive products for efficient reliable distribution. We also offer logistics services to assist clients with finding transport for their goods and unloading containers, trucks and vans.

We are always striving to improve our frozen storage services at Laverton Cold Storage, with our purpose-designed-and-built facilities constantly monitored and maintained to provide the best possible environment for your products. The size, quality and flexibility of our freezer storage warehouse allows us to manage and store stock for medium-to-large commercial businesses and large quantities of goods.

As well as flexible and state-of-the-art frozen storage services, we also provide highly effective and efficient Melbourne blast freezing services and blast freezer storage. The combination of our blast freezing services and storage, and freezer storage and frozen storage services, demonstrates our commitment to providing end-to-end cold storage services.

If you have temperature-sensitive goods that require reliable and quality Melbourne frozen storage services, contact Laverton Cold Storage.