Laverton Cold Storage News

Niche cold storage in melbourne

September 19, 2016

Laverton cold storage is a niche operator in a small but ever growing market. The MelbourneĀ cold storage sector is the largest in Australia with over 600,000 pallet spaces and therefore highly competitive. As a “niche operator” Laverton Cold Storage focuses on being able to respond and adapt quickly to our customers needs and requirements. Our...

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Cold storage in Melbourne for food Importing

September 3, 2016

Cold storage importing: Whilst Laverton Cold Storage has specialised in meat and poultry exports we have now started importing as well. We unloaded our first containers last week (unloading 7 of them on our afternoon shift). Imported food into the Melbourne cold storage market has existed for decades and although Laverton Cold Storage has done...

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Melbourne blast freezer storage solutions to prevent wastage

August 16, 2016

Most commercial operations that deal with meats, poultry and other temperature-sensitive goods will have high-volume freezer storage. However, if you’re nearing capacity and have perishables at risk that require prompt freezing, you will need blast freezing service in Melbourne fast. If you have chilled food products to be frozen fast, either to prevent wastage, for...

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