Dry Storage

Short-term dry storage in our Melbourne warehouse

At Laverton Cold Storage we have the capacity to offer clients Melbourne dry storage services, including cross-dock dry storage, which we assess on a job-by-job basis. Dry storage involves storing goods which are less temperature sensitive and generally have a longer shelf life.

Our dry storage services in Melbourne are predominantly short-term storage on our loading dock that is temperature controlled to two degrees Celsius. We can often coordinate trucks that have delivered a load and would have previously been returning to a destination empty, to freight goods for clients located where the truck is heading. This cross-dock dry storage can occur with little or no storage in between, or we have the capacity to offer longer-term dry storage depending on quantities.

Cross docking is also part of the logistics services we offer with our cold storage, freezer storage, and blast freezer storage in Melbourne.

Laverton Cold Storage can offer Melbourne dry storage services and cross docking at our 20,000-pallet Truganina temperature-controlled warehouse.

Contact us to find out more about our dry storage services and to discuss your specific needs and how Laverton Cold Storage can accommodate your business.