Cold storage in Melbourne for food Importing

September 3, 2016

Cold storage importing:

Whilst Laverton Cold Storage has specialised in meat and poultry exports we have now started importing as well. We unloaded our first containers last week (unloading 7 of them on our afternoon shift). Imported food into the Melbourne cold storage market has existed for decades and although Laverton Cold Storage has done it periodically this new venture is for a client with ongoing coldstorage needs. We are looking forward to a long relationship.

Our client has asked to trace their pallets by batches, order numbers and also the containers on which the product arrived. The technology we use at Laverton Cold Storage can handle such requirements and it is real time recording. All of the product is scanned into our warehouse management system and stored on racking in our temperature controlled and cold storage warehouse. The Melbourne cold storage market and cold storage in general is increasing in its need for traceability. Food safety and therefore traceability is a vital aspect to our warehouse management systems.

If traceability in the Melbourne cold storage market is important to you (whether importing, exporting or you are  just local) contact us at our Truganina or Laverton North sites for Melbourne’s premium cold storage service.